Install MYSQL on Linux TurnKey MYSQL VMWare

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Install MYSQL on Linux TurnKey MYSQL VMWare

I will be showing you how to install turnkey mysql on linux running vmware esxi or any hypervisor or physical machine. Download Turnkey MYSQL for VMWare, Openstack, Openvz, Xen, KVM or use .ISO file.

Extract the OVF files if using VMWare

Once you download the file extract it, I downloaded the OVF which is used for vmware, if you are using none of the above you can use the .ISO file which can be installed even on physical machines but you will have to download and burn the .ISO file to a CD or DVD.


Install MYSQL on Linux


Install Turnkey Linux MYSQL VMWare

Go ahead and login to the host node using vSphere client and click on File – Deploy OVF Template and pick the extracted .ovf file. Click next and go through the steps on how you want to deploy mysql.


Install MYSQL on Linux VMWare

Powering on your Install MYSQL on Linux node using VMWare

Powering on Install MYSQL on Linux Node using VMWare

When you first power on TurnKey Linux MYSQL it will ask for a new password for the root account, after that it will ask for a new password for the MySQL root account.


Skip TurnKey Backup and Migration

Skip TurnKey Backup and Migration & Domain Management






When you get to the TurnKey Backup and Migration and TurnKey Domain Management and Dynamic DNS you can click Skip and move on creating your MySQL node.

Pick to automatically install security updates on a daily basis and click Install.

TurnKey Linux Configuration Console for MYSQL

TurnKey Linux Configuration Console for Install MYSQL on Linux Node

Once installation is finished it will show a screen that shows the TurnKey Linux Configuration Console. Here it will show the MySQL Appliance Services on how you can access your mysql database and services.

Install mysql on linux is extremely easy using turnkey Install mysql on linux and will install multiple interfaces, where you can connect in many different ways when you install mysql on linux you will always be able to deploy turnkey mysql linux nodes in just minutes.


MYSQL Database Server Webmin

Login to install mysql on linux node using webmin

Accessing your services using Webmin

Connect to your database servers webmin control panel by putting https://YourDatabaseIP:12321 into your web browser. Use username: root and password: the one you created when you first powered on turnkey mysql linux. Once logged in at the bottom go ahead and install updates now.

Once installing updates are finished look under Servers tab and click MySQL Database Server. Login: root and Password: one you created during install mysql on linux.

Now you have successfully installed mysql on linux using turnkey linux. If you want to install CSF LFD and restrict your mysql connects to only the machines you allow.

How to export a backup database using phpMyAdmin

Connect to phpMyAdmin by issuing https://YourDatabaseIP into  your browser and connect using login: root and password the one you created for mysql on first boot.

Once inside phpMyAdmin click on export and click Custom – Display all Possible Options and select the databases you would like to export. Make sure to Dump Table with Structure and Data. Object Creation Options – Checkmark all Add Statements and click Go to dump database or databases.  You can always import this into another database and move your database to other nodes, make sure to update your configuration files when you move your databases to other hosts.

How to Import a Backup Database using phpMyAdmin or Command line works with Databases of all Sizes

Importing a database into phpMyAdmin is pretty easy and straight forward. If the database import timeouts or fails, try doing it from the command line which works for all sizes of databases.

1st Method: Login to phpMyAdmin and go to Imports tab and include your database export, or if you have your database backed up to you every day you can import using that backup file. The default selections are correct, once you added your database click Go.

2nd Method: This method imports the database using the commandline. SSH into the turnkey linux mysql vmware node you created above. If you need to transfer your database to the mysql node you created, use an FTP client such as FileZilla which is free to use. Download Filezilla works with all OS platforms.


Transfer Database to MySQL Server using Filezilla SFTP

Once you open FileZilla where it says hostname: include SFTP://YourMysqlServerIP and if you changed the SSH port change the port to match, if you have not changed your SSH port using the defaults will work, which is port 22. Use root as username and the password for SSH. A dialog will open saying the servers host key is unknown. Click the check mark to “Always Trust The Host, Add This Key To The Cache” and click Okay. You can now transfer your database to the server using SFTP.


How to Import Database using Commandline Tools.

Login to your Install MYSQL on Linux using SSH. If you have windows use the Putty SSH client, if using Ubuntu or another OS use Terminal, I prefer Terminator to open multiple sessions in same terminal window.

CD to where you transferred your database using SFTP. If you copied into a public folder, I suggest deleting it once you import your database using commandline tools.

Example: cd /var/www/vhosts/YourDomain/httpdocs/

Now type the command to import your database into the localhost database using the root username.

mysql -h -u root -p DatabaseName < DatabaseName.sql



How to Export Database Using Commandline Tools

CD to where your database is stored and than export it.

Example: cd /var/www/vhosts/YourDomain/DatabaseDirectory/

Now run this command to export your database using commandline

mysqldump –add-drop-table -h -u root -p databasename > YourDatabase.sql

Exporting databases to your Install mysql on linux node is extremely easy once you get use to it. Example you can backup your billing systems database, or WordPress database and Install mysql on linux using turnkey linux to setup a dedicated mysql on linux node to add more security to your database or databases.



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