How to Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.8 Installation – Plesk 12

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How to Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.8 Installation – Plesk 12

If you have not partitioned your Install Parallels Plesk Panel for Plesk 12 on CentOS 6.8 please follow this tutorial How to Partition CentOS 6.8 for Parallels Plesk Panel 12

First you need to download the CentOS 6.8 .ISO and burn it to a CD/DVD or attach it if using virtualization. Bootup and install CentOS 6.8 using the correct CentOS 6.8 Partition Scheme for Plesk Panel 12.

Read the How To Partition CentOS 6.8 for Plesk Panel 12 Tutorial.

You will need Download CentOS 6.8 NetInstall x86_64 OR Download CentOS 6.8 Minimal x86_64 to start your Plesk Panel 12 Installation on CentOS 6.8. Make sure to follow the above link to correctly partition your Plesk linux shared hosting server. Most of the disk space will need to be allocated to /var where most of the Plesk and customers files are stored. The tutorial above will show you how to install the partitions using LVM so you can resize the partitions in the future with out needing to restart and bootup with a bootable cd or dvd like GPARTED just to resize your server partitions.


CentOS 64-bit Download Mirrors

Buy a Plesk License Key. If you’re using virtualization for your Plesk server in a virtual machine you can buy a Plesk VPS license which is cheaper then a Plesk Dedicated Server License. You can do a google search for Buy Plesk License Keys and find a partner of Plesk to buy a license.

Now login as root to your CentOS 6.8 Server you just Installed.

If you are using windows use Putty to login to your CentOS server or if your main desktop is linux based use Terminator, I like how you can split the screen for multiple SSH sessions.

First things first, Install nano to edit files. I personally like nano better for editing than vi.

yum install nano

How to install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.5

How to install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.8






yum install wget

nano /etc/selinux/config

change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled

Type in Terminal:

echo 0 > /selinux/enforce

yum remove mysql* which should also remove postfix

service iptables stop

Reboot the system before Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.8

Make sure iptables is turned off.

service iptables stop 

Check to make sure AppArmor is disabled


Setup an A record to your IP Address and Hostname, also setup a PTR record before installation. If you don’t have a master dns server, you can add it later. Use your IP address until you setup an A record.


Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS using installer currently Plesk 12


cd /tmp


chmod +x plesk-installer

./plesk-installer –web-interface   –  Two Dashes Before Web-Interface – Copy and paste will not add 2 Dashes on certain browsers.

Or Install Without GUI

Run the command without the –web-interface



If you decided to use –web-interface to install plesk 12, it will ask to login as the hostname you picked, if you have not setup DNS yet, you will have to use the static IP like

Make sure to setup your hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts and create a file and add your hostname inside /etc/hostname that you want to use for your hostname on this server.

nano /etc/hostname  = Put your hostname inside here and Ctrl+X and Y to save file.

Plesk 12 components will begin to install.


Installing Parallels Plesk Panel 12 on CentOS 6.5

Installing Parallels Plesk Panel 12 on CentOS 6.8







Go through each step in the web interface, when you get to Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS it’s best to Preview components selection and add additional plesk components you would like installed. Leave the “I would like to help Parallels make even better products by sending information about installation, upgrade, and other problems” checkmarked if you would like to send data back to Parallels.


Installing or Upgrading Parallels Products

Upgrading or Install Parallels Plesk Panel on CentOS 6.8 – Plesk 12






at the end of Plesk installation it will ask which plesk view you want to choose. Pick the service provider view.

Now you have a Plesk 12 installation. If you have another plesk installation you can migrate all your plesk data to the new installation along with customers data. Make sure to install a Firewall, Login Detection and more.

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